We’re partnering with StudioDoorz.com…a great resource to help you sell your work.

Salann Magazine Artist Opportunity pin up

StudioDoorz connects art lovers with artists who want to share their studio and stories with visitors

We’re teaming up with StudioDoorz and creator Bill Snider whose new venture is designed to help artists market their work in a new way. The project is called StudioDoorz ….it’s a website that’s designed to connect potential buyers with artists through studio visits.

Many of you have been involved in local studio tours and understand that it is a great way to meet people who are interested in your work. StudioDooorz works like having a studio tour all year and a great way to get people to visit your studio. Each artist has a listing on the site that is like a second website where images can be posted and changed, a place for information such as a bio, links to social media, websites and YouTube, and a from for visitors to make contact to arrange visits.

Bill would like to offer Salann Magazine Artists a free listing on the StudioDoorz site. The site has been up for several months and now has around 150 artists’ listings. StudioDoorz wants to grow the number of artists on the site as part of their plan to attract a travel industry partner. They have had some initial contact with Airbnb and Google.

The steps are very simple ….go to Select a StudioDoorz Package, and select Salann Artist. Then on the next page you will need to register and follow the instructions to create your listing.

The SDz project needs time to grow and expand its group of artists which will help as they seek major funding to grow the project over the next couple of years. This funding will be used to promote SDz to artists but must importantly advertise the site to art lovers so they will make contact with the artist on the StudioDoorz website. If you have questions contact Bill…