We’re partnering with StudioDoorz.com…a great resource to help you sell your work.

All Salann Magazine artists get a free year of listings (Normally $5.00 per month for a savings of $60)

Creating a listing on StudioDoorz can complement or even replace your existing website, adding powerful features:

  • Increase your chances of making a sale by having prospective buyers visit your studio directly.
  • Arrange visits with prospective buyers directly, year-round. No middle-man commission on sales.
  • Get discovered when art lovers search by name, location, medium, genre, and technique.
  • Grow your mailing list through the easy-to-use contact form provided on your listing.
  • Expand your reach by having StudioDoorz’s marketing efforts work on your behalf.

StudioDoorz is a web based resource that connects artists with potential buyers to arrange a direct, one on one, engagement in an artist’s studio. Art collectors and art lovers can search the SDz site to find artists in a geographic area, search for mediums of interest and then communicate with the artist through the website to arrange a mutually agreed upon time for a visit to the artist’s studio.

Studio tours have been very successful for artists and have created a movement for tours to exist in more and more locations. This success is due in large part to the simple fact that people like acquiring pieces of art or craft from the artist, potentially observing the process, and getting to know the artist.

StudioDoorz is a resource for artists to sell without taking a percentage of any artist’s sales. All Salann Magazine artists get a year of free listing. If you have a studio in which you’d like to schedule tours, you have nothing to lose. Get your art studio on the map!

Create an account, create your listing, start your studio tours…

Be prepared to have a paragraph or two about your studio, a short bio, sample images of your artwork, a headshot photo for your bio, and links to your website and social media accounts.

Upon submitting your listing, you’ll be redirected to a checkout page, where you’ll submit a promo code for your free year.

Please contact Connie for promo code: [email protected]

Your subscription will automatically renew each year, unless you indicate otherwise.

All Salann Magazine artists get a year of free listing. ($5.00 per month for a savings of $60)

You will need to submit a card, but will not be charged for a year, and may cancel anytime!