Connie Luebbert
Connie LuebbertPresident & Founder
Connie Luebbert is an internationally award winning artist, professional graphic designer, and owner of salt and light studios (1999) with clients worldwide. As a re-emerging painter, she is currently working in watercolor and India ink wash, on rice paper within a variety of series; Animals, Americana, and Landscapes.
Benjamin Luebbert
Benjamin LuebbertDirector of Business Development
Benjamin is the technical guru of our team, helping to maintain cloud, web, mobile devices and all things digital for Salann Magazine.
Kristine Boggis
Kristine BoggisTeam Member
Kristine is a talented jewelry designer and amazingly awesome person in general, which makes her a perfect fit for Salann Magazine’s sales manager.
Christie Snelson
Christie SnelsonTeam Member
Christie Snelson is an emerging artist born and raised in Springfield, Missouri, and is an alumna of the Art & Design Department at MSU. She now is a gallery artist at Obelisk Home, an artist in residence at ideaXfactory, an active member of the Springfield Regional Arts Council, and continually creates a variety of work that pushes her technical abilities and creative ideas.
Chelsea Grace
Chelsea GraceTeam Member
Chelsea has been painting since she was a child. She currently creates beautiful art and pieces of jewelry. She’s our Public Relations voice, helps recruit artists that will be a great fit for our magazine, helps organize and run events, including managing party food and drink menus. She an invaluable team member!
Julia Yax
Julia YaxTeam Member
Julia Yax is our intern who loves to create art and corny jokes. That makes her a perfect fit for Salann Magazine!
Gary Hopkins
Gary HopkinsProgrammer & Web Developer
Gary received his Bachelor of Science degree from Oregon State University, then served as a volunteer in the Peace Corps. Upon returning from the Peace Corps he returned to university where he received a degree in computer programming and then worked as a computer programmer and web developer for various governmental, and corporate businesses. He builds upon what he’s learned from studies of the masters to expand that knowledge into his own language of painting and color, emphasizing both the science and poetry of creative expression.