Congratulations! We need your accepted image(s) in a resolution for print: 1.5-10 megs each, and a 764 character count (including spaces) artist info/bio, along with contact info: website, email, social media pages, etc. Send to Salann Magazine via email: connie@salannmagazine.com, dropbox, google drive, or wetransfer.com

file sizes 1.5-10 megs each for print, no dimension restrictions, tiff formats are best, but will accept pdf and jpg formats

764 word count: artist statement/bio/whatever you want to say

Please include all contact information for publishing; website, email, social media, etc.

We’ve learned to be fluid with deadlines to ensure the best looking, most accurate magazine possible. We’ll be in touch with deadlines, and the steps to get your free issue! We do ask that artists pay $8 for shipping.

Artist retains 100% ownership of images. In our legal jargon; the artist gives us permission to print accepted images in Salann Magazine, including use for promoting artist and magazine.

No worries! We’ll just bump you up into our next edition. Life happens, emails get lost, in SPAM, or are never received. Salann Magazine will attempt to contact artists three times via email and/or social media. If we don’t get a response, you’ll be in the next edition. Be sure to check your SPAM folders!

We may or may not use your bio in the magazine based on the layout of the magazine. We do however like to have this information available to our buyers, as well as on artist pages on our website and/or social media.

Artists are responsible for proofing their own work, titles, medium, and any additional text; artist statement, etc. Watch for our emails with proofing links. We’ll send 2-3 emails with opportunities to proof. You may also contact connie@salannmagazine.com