We are proud to highlight the work of Elise Rugolo on the cover of our first issue!

Representation by Sager Braudis Gallery Columbia, MO and Concept Art Gallery in Pittsburgh, PA

Elise Rugolo is a mixed-media painter who celebrates the physicality of her artwork through an exploration of various media and layering of imagery. Her paintings are abstract, with references to natural and man-made structures. Her use of pattern and rhythm, as well as a calligraphic style of mark making and brushstrokes, is suggestive of dance or motion borne out of a sense of urgency. She often combines both geometric and organic forms in a painting. She does not shy away from color, and generally favors a vivid and expressive palette.

Her father, professor emeritus at University of Missouri, was an early influence in her creative development. A printmaker, he sometimes cut up his extra silkscreen prints and refigured them into collaged pieces–a process that has been engrained in her own work, as she often includes collage elements within her compositions. In some of her recent encaustic paintings, the collage elements are so deeply embedded in the wax that they lose their original identity, adding an elusive, mysterious quality to the image.

Elise has an MFA in painting and drawing from Arizona State University and received her BFA in painting from the University of Iowa. In keeping with her love of motion, she has lived all over the USA, and has recently returned to her hometown of Columbia, Missouri. Her work has been in numerous juried and invitational shows. She offers workshops and private classes in mixed media and the encaustic technique. She is currently represented by Concept Art Gallery in Pittsburgh, PA.

Learn the ancient painting technique of Encaustic in one-day workshops ($150) or one-on-one sessions ($30 an hour). Includes materials.

In the Basics of Encaustic Workshop (or one-on-one session), students learn the foundations of the medium, such as building up layers of wax; fusing processes using heat guns, torches, and irons; and the scraping, removal, and manipulation of the wax with a variety of tools. The students will build upon these skills to explore translucent/opaque and smooth/textured surfaces. They will become familiar with encaustic terminology, materials, and studio safety.

The Advanced Encaustic Workshop (or one-on-one session) is designed for the student who has already completed the Basics course. Students will learn ways to combine mixed media with the Encaustic technique, such as collage (paper and fabric), photos, transfers, drawing media, and basic printmaking techniques. Students will be encouraged to explore a variety of media in one piece of artwork and to build upon a personal concept or vision.

To register or ask any questions regarding these classes, please contact Elise via her contact page on this site.