Lisa Rose |  Forging a Path

Lisa Rose is paving a path with her motion graphics. No auto interpolation and no rotoscoping is used in her work. Follow her on Instagram @ljroseonline and visit her website to see more of her groundbreaking work.

Artist statement Some people know me as an illustrator, painter, et al. Others know me as an animator, and still others know me as a musician and composer. And then there’s a community that knows me for my work as a User Experience Designer and Engineer. I began working as any one of the above depending on the client and project while I was still in high school and before, during, and after receiving my MFA from CalArts. Clients and employers have ranged from Apple and Symantec to the Children’s Television Workshop.  I’m always working on, making, exploring, learning, and teaching something. I love collaborating, problem solving, and …pushing envelopes.

I have been an artist working in film, painting, drawing, the performing arts, and interactive media since the 1960s. I have a traditional background in art, film, and animation and have been experimenting with these forms since I was a kid. After working as an animator and illustrator in the 70s and 80s, I went on to working for Apple where I was given an early Mac and unreleased animation-related software to mess around with (that software is today owned by Adobe and currently called AfterEffects). I created the very first animated film produced entirely on an Apple Macintosh, had a stint experimenting with a painting machine at San Francisco’s Exploratorium, and have been experimenting with animation, drawing, and new technology to this day. I am currently experimenting with animated gifs including a topical collection of portraits.

My interests are in characters – real and imagined – and relationships. The conversation and stories that bubble up and frequently are shared between viewers of my work who are strangers particularly inspires, excites, and motivates me. I give you characters; you tell me their stories. I am most comfortable drawing and drawing directly from life. I rarely use popular techniques such as rotoscoping, tracing, interpolating algorithms, and photography preferring instead traditional drawing and painting approaches as a base. Creating characters, seeing them move, the power of a single line, and the actual visceral experience of drawing is thrilling to me. I can never get enough.

Lisa Rose, M.F.A.